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Because it shouldn't take eight announcements to know you need to register for one event.

  • Multiple sources of information

  • Consolidated into a single task

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In one click, jump to where you need to be to complete the action. Then mark it done or snooze it until you receive another update.

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Link multiple wallets to your account and see activity across all of your NFTs.

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Is this the NFT tracking app everyone's been clamoring for? @LifeboatFi scans your wallets and alerts you to NFT project updates, including claims, airdrops, merch, staking, and more. Beta went live today and I can't wait to dive in. The first product from @ProblySomething

The concept and UI are on point by @LifeboatFi. With so many projects and associated drops, allowlist, and giveaways, we need a better way to track them, I think both @OGDfarmer @tropoFarmer, myself, and many others have asked for this kind of tool. Builders continue to build.

been using @LifeboatFi to better track all of the drops, claims, giveaways, mints, for projects I own. with a pass floor price of .2 it has easily paid for itself already. but I'm giving one away anyways, cause it's a great product.


Where do tasks come from?

Tasks are generated from sources ranging from Discord, Twitter, and custom integrations with other services. We are regularly expanding our data partnerships to ensure that we are offering as complete of a picture of your holdings as possible. Have an idea for a new source? Drop into our Discord and let us know!

Which collections are supported?

Currently, Lifeboat supports select large-volume collections from EVM-compatible chains, primarily ETH mainnet. However, we are regularly expanding our corpus of collections. Lifeboat Pass holders and Genesis Pass Holders may request new collection additions at any time on Discord, and our team will add them as sources.

You can view the full list of supported collections on Lifeboat.

How do I get access to Lifeboat?

Lifeboat is currently in beta and available to owners of our partner projects and existing Probably Something tokens. Currently, access is limited to wallets with ownership of any of the following NFTs:

Chimpers Genesis
Chimpers Generative
Floor Gen 1, Gen 2, and Gen 3 Passes
Pixel Vault Founders DAO
Pixel Vault Inhabitants Cores
Ghxsts Zxdiac, Ghxst, or Mxnster NFTs
Probably Something Genesis Passes
Probably Something Lifeboat Passes

Where can I learn more about Lifeboat security?

Lifeboat uses signed messages off-chain when you log into the application. These do not initiate a transaction on the blockchain and do not represent a security risk to you. For further information, 0xQuit, a Twitter developer that frequently does deep dives into NFT projects, wrote up a thread on our security approach.

Where can I learn more about Probably Something?

Probably Something is a technology company building a series of interlocking tools designed to make digital ownership more accessible, safer, and more inclusive. You can learn more about the company on our website here or apply for positions on our careers page.